2013 Freshwater 3 – Rivers Post & Go Pack, issued by the Royal Mail on the 20th September 2013.

Rivers and streams are constantly flowing, from the dashing tumbling water of the hill stream to the slower glide of the lowland river. Because rivers move all the time, their water is constantly refreshed with oxygen from the air, so oxygen levels are naturally high. The flowing water also washes gravel and sandy river beds clean, creating the perfect environment for fish such as the Brown Trout to spawn.

The fast flowing, oxygen-rich water is also where you’ll find lurking native crayfish, mayflies, stoneflies and riffle beetles.

Product Features

  • 2013 Freshwater Life III – Rivers – Post and Go Pack
  • As issued by the Royal Mail
  • Contains six self-adhessive Stamps
  • Six different designs including, Brown Trout, Blue-winged Olive Mayfly Larva, River Lamprey, White-clawed Crayfish, Atlantic Salmon and Minnow
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